Welcome to Raw Ramadan!

Ramadan – the holy month of fasting, Divinely prescribed to believers as the ultimate form of holistic detox, for the sake of spiritual vitality and existential health.
Raw – pure; unprocessed; natural; stark; impressive – refers here to Raw Food, but also to a natural and sustainable way of living.

This is a place for anybody who wants to tune into to Ramadan’s high vibrational frequency of cleansing and healing, regardless of background and religious affiliation, but primarily intended to help committed Ramadan observers, upgrade their performance, experience and benefits of fasting.

Sign up to become a part of this rawsome community, and let the cleansing begin!

  1. Aisha

    Salaam alaikum. I love eating raw, so I decided to google “raw Ramadan” and I found your site. It’s great. I am amazed how much easier fasting is when eating raw. I do not get the brain fog that I used to get when fasting before (when not eating raw). I do still get sleepy toward the end of long fast days, but I am much more clear headed throughout the day.


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