There is a guy in India who claims to be a breatharian. No food, no water since 1940. Only prana (the name of the “vital life force” in Hindi) and sunlight. If true, this means Mr. Prahlad Jani, now 84, has not broken his fast for 73 years. What’s even more amazing is that this cat is super vital and healthy, and still going strong!

God only knows if he is the real deal, or if he is secretly binging on Indian junk food and Diet Coke as we speak. Either way, he is someone who seems to have cracked the code of how to harness and use the amazing power of conscious breathing.

Breathing is regulated by both the Voluntary and Involuntary Nervous System (pilot and auto-pilot mode). Breathing is on auto-pilot by default, but the moment we become aware of it, we can consciously take over the steering wheel. When this happens, the breath becomes a bridge between the voluntary and involuntary nervous systems; the conscious and the subconscious mind; and, ultimately, the mind and the body. T
his means when we steer our breathing consciously, we regulate the dynamic between our sympathetic (fight or flight) and parasympathetic (rest) nervous systems, thereby controlling our heart rate, blood pressure, peristalsis (rhythmic contractions in the gut), immune and endocrine systems and central nervous system – well, pretty-much everything.

So, our first step for today is to become aware of our breathing as we go about our daily activities.

Once we have managed to “catch” our breath, the second step will be to make our breathing deeper, slower, quieter and more regular.

Prana in Hindi; Ruh in Arabic and Spiritus in Latin mean both ‘breath’ and ‘spirit’. Every time we take a breath, we are actually being breathed. Inspired.
And every time we consciously breathe together, we conspire …

P.S. I would love to hear from you, my fellow conspirators. What is your style of breathing? Was it easy to bring your attention back to your breathing? Do you have any effective breathing techniques that work for you? How did it feel to breathe with focus?
P.S.S. Nature is the best conspirator! Go out!

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