H2O. Two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, and what have we got?
70% of our body, 75% of our muscles, 82% of our blood, 90% of our lungs, 76% of our brain, and 25% of our bones. Even our DNA is surrounded by a shell made up of water molecules, which,  depending on their hydration levels, influence the genetic substance itself.
These statistics are really WOW, but what do they mean for our day to day life?
A simple answer is that we need water to sustain our water. It is our body’s main building block and fuel.  Whenever something goes wrong with the body, whether big or small, cellular dehydration is at the root of it.
So, here are 6 easy guide lines on how to be optimally hydrated:
1. Calculate your personal daily water requirement, or what I refer to as ‘I H2O’, by using this formula:
                                               kg/8 x 0,25
This is your weight in kg divided by 8, multiplied by 0,25 (this stands for 0,25 liters, which is one medium size glass). 
If you weigh 65 kg, this means 65/8 x 0,25=2l per day. 
2. Add between 0,75-1,5 liter to your ‘I H2O’ depending on your work out. More heat, more water. 
3. The amount of coffee, black tea, fizzy drinks consumed during a day, is the amount you need to add to your ‘I H2O’. 
These beverages are diuretics, which means that they drive out water from your body through urine. 
4. Drink water 1h before or 2h after a meal. No water during meals.
Water dilutes your digestive juices, and they need to be concentrated to do the job – break down food, and extract the vital nutrients.
5. Water temperature should match your body temperature – around 36,5 degrees Celsius. Room temperature is also OK. 
Cold water puts unnecessary strain on your already overworked liver. It needs work overtime just to reheat your body to its standard temperature.
6. Add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to every tall glass of water, for salt-water balance.
Slightly salty water is ‘softer’ to drink, believe it or not. 
Try these simple steps and let me know how it goes! Would love to hear from you!
Stay fluid!

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