Apple, carrot and beetroot. They say that trouble comes in threes, but I would say that fantastic blessings do as well.
These three mesh so well that they do not mind whether you grate, blend or juice them, as long as they get to play together.
 A short bio is in order:
Apple – a member of the rose family, species Malus domestica. Unlike Borat, it really comes from Kazahstan. Alma Ata is the former name of Kazahtan’s capital (today Almaty) and it means ‘Father of Apples’, where apple’s wild ancestor, Malus sieversii, is still found today. From that wild apple we have 7,500 varieties of domestic apples that are grown throughout the world.
The old adage goes that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. This is what I tell my patients, but they don’t listen and keep coming back.
Those who do listen, know that one unpeeled organic apple a day is their ticket to regular bowel movements, effective toxin elimination and protection, harmonious blood sugar levels, healthy teeth, normal cholesterol levels, strong lungs, fit liver, increased muscle mass, inflammation- and cancer-free cells, and, last but not least, thinner medical bills.
Carrot – a member of the parsley family, species Daucus carota, sativus. Originated in present day Afghanistan and Iran about 5000 years ago, probably as a purple or yellow root, which means that our present day orange carrot is a true mutant. Its bright color comes from a high concentration of Beta Carotene, a molecule that the body easily changes into Vitamin A. One of the major unique functions of vitamin A is its role in vision, especially dim-light vision, cell regeneration of the skin, teeth, bones and protection of the heart and blood vessels. In fact, a single carrot contains twice the RDA (Recommended Daily Amount) of Vitamin A, but it has to be juiced for the body to fully absorb it. Carrot is well renowned as the anticancer king of the vegetable world due to its high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. But too much of this royal treatment can turn your skin orange,  so moderation is advised.
Beetroot – in the same family as spinach, chard and quinoa.  Botanically known as Beta Vulgaris. Evolved from wild sea beet, which is a native of coastlines from India to Britain.   One of the most powerful vegetables around. It comes in a variety of colors, ranging from white through golden yellow to red – there is even polka candy-striped version – probably Nature’s way of pointing out that beetroot is actually a candy (due to its high sugar content). Its dramatic purple pigment is known as Betacyanin.  Some people cannot metabolize this pigment and it may turn their feces and urine a red color for a few days after ingestion (test to see if you are one of them!)
Renowned for cleansing the liver and the blood, as well as rebuilding red blood cells, and one of the most tested and proven vegetables for reducing blood pressure (must be raw!). Leafy beet tops are more nutritious than the roots. The greens contain significantly more iron, vitamin A, potassium and calcium than the roots. How ever you turn the beet, you just can’t beat it!
So, when this fantastic trio jams together, especially as a fresh juice, you get a veritable ‘blood transfusion’. To go.
Here is how to make it:
Ingredients (if possible, use organic):
1 apple
1 purple beetroot
2 carrots 
1/2 lemon 
As a juice: 
Don’t bother peeling the veg or apple, just give it all a good scrub and top and tail the carrots. Peel the lemon. Juice the lot. Enjoy immediately!
You can add a small piece of ginger and a couple of fresh mint leaves if you want to spice things up. Remember to save 1-2 mint leaves for a fancy garnish if you are so inclined.
As a salad:
Trim, peel, and grate the carrots and beets.  Chop apple and mix everything together in a bowl.
Mix 1 tbsp cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, 2 tsp fresh lemon juice and 1-2 tbsp linseeds. Drizzle over the ‘Trio Fantastico’ salad.
Enjoy immediately with gusto and gratitude!
Drink/eat ‘Trio Fantastico’ on a regular basis  and make note of three health improvements in your body that come from this fantastic blood booster.  Would love to hear about yours.
  1. Sanam Styrka TIM

    Dear Dr. Sana,
    thanks for the effort and giving instructions for feeding to assist in maintaining good health in everyday life and during the Holy month of Ramadan
    Sanam Styrka TIM


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