Savory nuts need no PR. Most of us are nuts about them. Especially after a long day of fasting, when the body not only craves water, but salt as well.
Here is a simple recipe of how you can make your own  healthy nutty mix that will do the job:
Ingredients (use organic if possible):
2 cups of any natural nuts and seeds
1-2 table spoons of cold pressed olive oil
1/2 tea spoon of sea salt
1/2 tea poon of dried rosemary leaves, finely chopped
A couple of fresh or dried oregano leaves
Freshly ground pepper (optional)
1.Toss nuts into a bowl.
2.Drizzle olive oil over the nutty lot while mixing them around, so that the oil spreads evenly.
3.Sprinkle salt and rosemary leaves and continue mixing. Each nut or seed needs to get their fair share.
4. Serve it in a fancy bowl and garnish with oregano leaves.
Enjoy immediately but do not go nuts!
Nuts and seeds pose a challenge for your super busy liver, so practice sound moderation.

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