In Islamic tradition, these final days of Ramadan are considered to be a direct portal to recognizing and experiencing the pure Grace of God’s Oneness, as the only true reality of our existence. Both the body and the mind have been weakened by the fast, and thus prepared to surrender to this sphere of eternal Light where our spirit already abides.
In honor of this time, and as a support to this blessed process of surrendering, I would like to share a beautiful visualization prayer called ‘The Grace to Heal’ from  Dr. Caroline Myss’ audiobook  ‘Channeling Grace’. It is profoundly transformative and nourishing.
This type of prayer is most effective when you listen to it being read out loud, with your eyes closed, visualizing what’s being narrated. But reading it in silence will bring about the sense of being surrounded by Eternal Light,  where there is nothing to disturb the intimate dialogue between you and Your Creator.Try to imagine this as you read this prayer. 
The Grace To Heal
Start by taking a deep breath.
Dear God, I invoke Your precious gift, the Grace of healing.
 I sit in silence waiting for You, as Your Grace pours abundantly into my energy field. Into my field of Grace. I relax my body and I open my soul, and I know nothing prevents Your Grace from flowing through me.
I take a deep breath and I merge with Your breath. 
I am one with You.
I am one with You.
I am one with You. 
I feel my body melting.
My body is melting and my soul is melting into my body.
And my pain is melting.
My soul is melting completely and taking charge of my physical form.
My soul is getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger, as my body is getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. 
The Grace is moving through my spine and down my back, and down my arms.
The Grace is melting right through any illness that is in my body.
I feel the Grace moving into my cell tissue.
My cell tissue feels fluid now.
Any blockage, any negativity, any illness, any tumor, any disease, any cancer begins to flush out of my system. 
The Grace of healing is bright gold, I feel it now, it’s a heat, and it’s flowing through me and it is moving completely through my body.
I feel this cleansing happening. A cleansing that I have never seen before, moving completely through every cell tissue. Flushing at the speed of light. Flushing right through me, and I feel it going all the way through, flushing through my hands, all the way through the tips of my fingers. There is nothing but light left in my arms. There is nothing but light as is it is flowing through and flushing through everything that is diseased. It flushes through my thighs, my knees, my legs and the bottom of my feet. I look at myself and I am only light. I am only light. I cannot see my body. I am only light.
In this moment, I realize I am fully healed. 
I am fully healed. 
Thank You God.
And I let this Grace flow to my family. The Grace continues to flow through me, there is no end to it. I let the Grace flow to those I love, and I name them now. I embrace each one with this Grace.
I feel the Grace moving through each one, as I hold their heart to my heart, knowing full well that to ask for a healing, is to be graced with a healing.
 I place myself under the vow of silence. Silence contains the Grace. 
I will pray for them. I know this Grace will heal and I will contain their faith. For I have no doubt that this Grace will heal, as God determines the healing. 
And now, I will hold my adversaries to my heart, healing those who have harmed me, and those who perceived that I have harmed them. I will pour Grace around this, for I want no darkness around me. And I release them. 
Now, I send Grace around the whole of my life, and I pour Grace down my path of service. Cleansing and clearing it of my fears that is not guided by You, Dear God.  It is guided. 
I see this Grace moving boulders, cleansing the way, clearing my walk and my path, healing my fear that I will be alone, that I will be abandoned, that You will not be with me. I cleanse that! My life is  filled with Grace, no matter where I walk. 
As I take a deep breath with You, Dear God, I hold my beloved Earth in my hands, no bigger than a marble.
 I look at the size of my soul and my little Earth, and I hear You say to me:” Everyone you love lives there. Everything you love lives there. Look at how small your planet is. How vulnerable. How tiny.” And God says:” Hold this for me! Hold this. Keep it in the field of Grace. It is so in pain. And look at how big you are, and how much Grace you have to offer. Hold your planet like this. This is how powerful you are. You are holding all the peoples of the Earth equally now. You see, you can’t even see them. All of these people are One Soul. You are a channel for Grace. Feel the shaft of that. Feel that Grace move through you to all of humanity. Now and always. There is no end to your ability to serve the healing of all humanity and your own. “
Take a deep breath and come back. 

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