Ramadan is behind us. Eid Feast is behind us. 

Seldom is something as difficult and challenging missed by so many, as is the case with Ramadan detoxifying fast.
And right after it is Eid celebratory overindulgence.
Both tough in their own way, but requiring slightly different set of skills. Both such glorious symbols of our human capacity to go without and get, break down and build up, strive and arrive. To come full circle.
That’s why I have decided not to “close the shop” now that the season is over, but continue writing about this wondrous cyclicality of our human life/nature/health, and in that way keep the spirit of Ramadan and Eid alive.
So, here is my first post-fast post. It is about how to detox from the holiday calorie overload.
Here is a soft, creamy start.
I give you:
Lush Detox Mush
Ingredients (choose organic if possible):
(serves 2)
1 avocado
1 pear or apple
1 ripe freckled banana
1 flat or regular peach (or any other fruit or berries that are in season)
1 carrot
1 cup Alfa-Alfa sprouts (or any other sprouts)
1/2 cup de-shelled hemp seeds
3 dates
1-2TBS fresh lemon or lime juice
1. Toss all the goodies into your food processor and take them for a spin until they become creamy.
2. Transfer into your favorite bowl and garnish with some chopped fruit, seeds and berries.
3. Enjoy the lushness of getting detoxed. Best if served for breakfast!
Who says that all healthy is tough and dull? It can be mushy and lush.

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