Hello dear Friends!

We meet here again. I hope that you’ve had an amazing (and hopefully raw food friendly) year, and that you are feeling pretty confidant about the coming of the “Iron Man” of detoxes, the Month of Fasting. Those who made it to the finish line last year know that it was no small feat. If you followed the advice I shared, the “race”, for you, was probably a lot easier.

For anybody who is here for the first time, welcome! This site was created to help you upgrade your Ramadan fast into a truly holistically healing experience. The information is not just for Ramadan observers though. It is for all those who want to use the amazing benefits of fasting as a vehicle to turn their health around. If you really rise to the occasion and embrace the advice and tips that I present here, you just might experience a quantum leap in your overall health in just a couple of weeks’ time.

For you, dear partners in fast from last year, I am so glad to see you here again. It is my pleasure to continue this journey with you and keep building on our knowledge and experience. Again, do what you can, what inspires you, or tickles your fancy. But know that more, in this case, is more.

Preparation is key to success so I am starting from today and will post daily from now on until the end of Ramadan. The preparation period will be shorter this year (two weeks), but more intensive.

Just as last year, there will be fun and relevant medical facts, tips and raw food recipes shared to help you get prepped and pepped for this cycle of releasing, receiving and renewal.

You are in luck this year since I’ve just graduated from “Matthew Kenney Culinary”, the only classically structured Raw and Living Foods Academy in the world. I’m still on endorphin high from this amazing experience, so I am pretty stoked to share with you some new rawsome recipes.

So, get ready for the best fasting experience ever!

Let the cleansing begin.

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