Fasting is no joke.
If you’ve ever tried it, you will probably testify to that fact.

Even though a whole bunch of us live in diet-overfed societies, the actual conscious act of fasting is not looked upon with a friendly eye. For many the concept has become so outlandish, that often, it is flat out equated with pointless starvation.

So, how come we, modern folks, ex-cavemen, with an inbuilt instinctual fear of food shortage, and a consequent need to stock up, still choose to practice this “self-sacrificing” ritual voluntarily?

The answer to that question lies in the body´s inbuilt survival intelligence and the way it utilizes fasting as a way of cleaning itself up, without us even being aware of it. This happens regularly during sleep, but, if the body is on toxic overload, it resorts to more dramatic detox strategies which we recognize as illness (infections, inflamations etc.).

The human body is essentially an organic old timer, dating some 200,000 years back. We put this delicate organic beauty full throttle onto the fast lane of modernity, where it keeps bumping into, and colliding with more and more inorganic material, environmental pollutants and toxins than ever before experienced in human history.

This is where fasting comes in.

Since roughly 30% of body’s energy is used for metabolism of food, imagine if, from time to time, we would free this energy up to assess and repair cellular damage and get rid of all unwanted stuff, in bulk.

A new Study at The University of Southern California is an extreme case in point. It found that short fasting cycles can work as well as chemotherapy, and the two combined greatly improve survival.

Periodic voluntary fasting, if conducted properly,  is the therfore the ultimate health care plan. It makes sure that all cells in the body get to live, work and play in a clean and safe environment. This, in turn, enables them to go about their life’s work of keeping us as vital as possible, without it having to be a rip-off. This not only helps us survive, but thrive.

P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about cleansing and how the body actually goes about it.

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