The darker shade of blue, the more antioxidants (cell bodyguards) a fruit has.

If we are speaking of bruises, the shade of blue is directly correlated to the number of red blood cells gathered under the skin (which have left their blood vessels due to the impact). So, the more, the darker.

In Bosnian, one word relates to both of these phenomena. It is “šljiva“. It means both ‘plum’ and ‘black eye’. (Don’t you just love these linguistic idiosyncrasies!)

Now, the amazing thing about plums is that just one of these toughies contains about the same amount of antioxidants as a handful of blueberries!

So, only if you happen to be in Bosnia, should you think twice before saying yes to getting a hit of “šljiva”, but in all other contexts, you should be begging for it!

The same goes for black and red currants that are now also in season. Together with other super fruits, veggies and seeds that I mixed up in this smoothie, your cells will get some well needed toughening up, minus a black eye. I call it “Tough Love“.

“Tough Love”


(4 servings)


– 1 melon (peeled, deseeded and sliced), Galia or Cantaloupe (cca 1kg)
– 1 frozen banana
– 4-5 plums
– 1/2C black and red currants
– 1C baby spinach
– 1 lime (peeled and sliced)
– 1/4C hemp seeds


Toss everything into a high speed blender and process until smooth. Serve immediately and enjoy for Iftar or Sehoor!

P.S. Only acts of pure, unconditional love, given and received, make you tough in the right way, as in resilient, upright, irrepressible (referring to your spirit). Any other type of love,or lack thereof, doesn’t makes you tough, it makes you crude. So, see to it that you practice and consume the right kind of tough love, daily, for best results!

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