Since Ramadan is coming in four days, this easy kidney cleanse is the best way to prep for it! Let the cleansing begin! View the full article here.


If you followed the formula in my earlier post (H2WOW! How much and how?) and managed to up your water intake accordingly, you’ve already done wonders for your body. “The Mighty Six”(your organs of elimination), especially the kidneys, could not be more thrilled and grateful for this, since you’ve made their life and work so much easier.

Every day your kidneys filter cca. 200 liters (quarts) of blood, of which about 2 liters (2 quarts) will become waste products and extra water (urine). This gets even more challenging during a fast, since a “Tsunami” of toxins hits the bloodstream.

This is a serious challenge and your kidneys need a boost to their super powers to be able to clear them out. You can boost them up by giving them a mini cleanse during this last day (or two, depending on which schedule you are following) before Ramadan.

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