Hello everyone!

I am so grateful to God to be able to welcome yet another Ramadan into my life, and with it, this blog.

I feel blessed to be able to continue the tradition of sharing easy, wholesome, and super tasty recipes (with an occasional serving of “food for thought”), that are meant to make this greatest of fasts as smooth, joyful and effective as possible.

For all of you who are new to this blog, please take a moment and browse through my earlier posts (i.e. “Fasting – body’s master plan”, “H2WOW! How much and how?” “Why Raw Ramadan”, “Fasting First Aid Kit”, just to name a few). There, you’ll find a lot of important info about the benefits of fasting and about our body’s needs, as it goes through this type of holistic cleanse.

This year, I’ll put a focus on fresh herbs and spices, not only because of their amazing flavors and fragrances, but because of their incredible cleansing and healing properties. I’ll incorporate them in drinks, smoothies, dips, salads, desserts, or pretty much everything, so that you will get to know, experience and benefit from these rawsome gifts from God.

I truly hope and pray that this Ramadan fast will clear everything that stands between us and our true nature, so that we can experience ourselves, and the world around us, with more gratitude, love, and joy.

Ramadan Mubarak to all!

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