If you’ve read any post on this blog, you know my stand on hydration during Ramadan or in general – more is definitely more! One of the best ways to achieve this is to drink fresh unpasteurized water from young green coconuts. That is why I have dedicated a long article to these darlings in my upcoming raw food cookbook – I will share a small excerpt from it in this blog in hope to get you to become as ‘young coco-nuts’ as I am – not only when you start or break your fast, but on a permanent basis.

 Processed and bottled/packaged coconut water is neither  young nor fresh, and therefore, the text below does not apply to it.

“Coconut is an ultra super nut. Volumes could be written, and indeed have been, about the numerous health benefits and versatile uses of each part of this amazing gift of Mother Nature,  that only keeps on giving. Coconuts come as young, with a smooth green outer husk and gelatinous inner meat, and mature, with “hairy” brown hard shell and solid meat. Young coconuts contain the highly prized coconut water. As a coconut matures, more of the water inside it is replaced with coconut meat, which becomes more compact as time goes by. This mature coconut meat, when blended with water and then strained, produces what is known as coconut milk.

The most striking thing about coconuts is the fact that young coconut water can be given intravenously if medical saline is unavailable, as it is sterile (husk is a filter), and as its electrolyte composition is identical to that of the human blood plasma. This has been a life-savior in countries where coconuts are plentiful, and medical supplies scarce.

Coconut water is higher in sugar and certain electrolytes, while coconut milk is higher in healthy saturated fatty acids (concentrated in mature nut meat) and calories. The aforementioned fatty acids are of the medium chain caliber (medium chain fatty acids or MCFAs), and  do not require special enzymes in order for our body to utilize them. They are sent directly to the liver, where they are immediately converted to energy instead of being stored as fat. They also stimulate metabolism, which makes them a great ally in weight loss.

Raw coconut water, milk and oil have a special ingredient called lauric acid, an excellent agent for fighting microbes (viruses and parasites). Lauric acid happens also to be an important component of human breast milk, since a newborn baby’s immune system depends on the lauric acid for protection from everyday viruses for about six months, when the baby’s immune system develops fully. The presence of easily digested MCFAs in coconut oil, puts less strain on a baby’s digestive tract, and is a great source of energy. This makes fresh coconut water and raw coconut oil a wining health boosting combo for babies and a superior substitute for any baby formula, or any “energy formula” for grown-ups as well, for that matter.”

And if this was not impressive enough, here are a few more of fresh coconut water’s credentials:

-high in minerals such as potassium and chloride

– pH-balancer

– carrier of nutrients and oxygen to cells

– blood circulation improver

– cleanser and regenerator of digestive tract and skin

But, to be able to tap this immense natural resource, you will need to be able to open a coconut – there is a great video of how this is done using nothing more than a butter knife.

Once you are ‘in’, all you need to do is a straw to enjoy this cool, blessed fluid straight from its God given packaging, and a spoon to scoop up its yummy meat. It is a complete meal in itself and a gift to your body that, indeed, keeps on giving.


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