The first couple of days of fasting, can be especially hard on you. It is a big change for your body, mind, and soul. Since your holistic system is getting adjusted to this new detox mode, you might not be feeling so vibrant and chirpy (unless you preformed a preparatory cleanse such as Mini Kidney Cleanse , that is).  Feeling uneasy and even knocked out is perfectly normal as the toxins get out of their hiding places and hit your bloodstream. Your body is doing everything in its power to help them exit your system in a peaceful and orderly fashion, but it needs a helping hand.  Resting during this initial period is vital, breaking your fast with the most optimal food and beverages paramount (which is what this blog is all about),  and being kind and gentle with  yourself a necessity.

What can also be an immense help to your body is what you do with it during this period. Treating it regularly with Ramadan Beuty Kit is a great way to help it detox more effectively, and therefore ensure that it feels lighter and more vibrant. The other thing is physical exercise. Proper body movement, such as walking, preferably on uneven natural terrains (in the woods, in a park, on a beach etc.), stretching, and any other type of light exercise is the physical way to help your body detox well. It gets your muscles contracting and stretching, which in turn helps your lymph move and help it keep up with the dynamic flow of your blood, and  get more of those trouble making toxins out. Proper body work gives them that physical push, in a matter of speaking.

Islamic prayer, that consists of repetitive rhythmic changes of body postures, five times throughout the day, is one of the best ways of this physical detox during Ramadan and beyond. What could be added to this great practice to enhance the cleansing process and ease any discomfort you might feel in your body – especially during these first days of Ramadan (and throughout) – are a couple of easy and effective yoga movements or stretches. I’ve recently come across this great video that will give you just that. It is called “A little goes a long way,  and I can, from personal experience, attest to the veracity of this statement. There are other excellent yoga videos on this website, but I recommend this one since it can be done by everyone. This short and simple practice can really make a difference in how your body does, how it feels, and how you relate and connect to it during this Blessed Month and beyond.

Your body is your best friend and a loyal servent. It is the the physical portal through which your soul can experience the created world –  it is your constant companion and your only true earthly abode. It will never lie to you about how you perceive and interect with your life,  your soul, and ultimately your Source. If something is off with your body, your perception and interaction with your true nature and its origin are probably off as well. Your body will never fail to show you this. Do not waste it or treat it nonchalantly or cruelly. Do not see it as a dumping ground, transportation vehicle for your brain, your ego’s trophy or the measuring stick of your own worth – and definitely never treat it as your adversary. Be kind, merciful and of service to its wellbeing and balance. Be to it as it is to you. 

May this Blessed Month of holistic cleanse, help you connect to your body in a pure, sound way, and may it help you realize the Divine gift that it truly is. It will always keep on giving.  If you give just a little back to it, a kind thought, treatment, movement, it will give you back even more. It is in its nature, it is how God designed it.

Tending to your body is tending to your soul. Being grateful for your body is nourishment to your soul. It is a sacred practice. It is the ultimate cleanse. 

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