Here we go again! The first day of Ramadan is here. Happy days!

I am so grateful to God that we get to experience yet another Ramadan in our lives and hopefully receive all the gifts of wellbeing it brings! I am also thrilled that this year there are more people who are willing to raise their game and fast in a way which will bring their health a holistic upgrade and boost. Way to go!

I’ve been meeting and talking to a quite a few people lately who have used the method of fasting to detox their bodies and heal from many different conditions (anything from obesity, infections to cancer). Water fast and dry fast (no water or food for anything from one day to seven days straight) have been shown to get rather impressive results in the terms of resetting and regenerating the body, as well as the spirit. These two modes of fasting are quite rigorous and take some time to get adjusted to, but the point is that fasting frees up precious body energy (about 35%) that the body uses to digest food, and redirects it to other pressing matters such as internal repair and major clean up. To fast on a regular basis, as was the case with the prophet David, peace and blessings be upon him, who fasted two days per week (Mondays and Thursdays) is one of the best means of helping your body keep itself in check, and prevent dis-ease.  The month of Ramadan is the golden opportunity to do just that, just on a bigger scale.

This is where the concept of raw foods fits in perfectly. It provides your body with the highest quality fuel, that does not counteract all the hard work of healing that it has put in throughout the day as you have toiled to abstain from water and food (aka limited dry fast). It is, as they say, a win-win situation!

But, for your information, to fast Ramadan on raw whole foods is not something that is a novelty. I talked to a friend of mine recently, a naturopathic doctor and a commited faster who works in the Middle East, and she told me that, traditionally, Saharan beduins used to break their fast with warm water and seven dates. Nothing more than that.

Warm water puts the least strain on your gut and liver (never drink cold drinks!) as the body gets hydrated, and dates have just the most amazing nutritional properties (see below). This diet sustained them throughout the day and provided just the right amount of energy to fascilitate the body’s optimal functioning and healing. The beduins understood that less is more when fasting.

You do not need a whole lot of fuel to make your body recuperate after a day’s fast. Just the right type of fuel. Structured filtered water and fresh organic produce (fruit, veg, sprouts, nuts, seeds etc.) provide just that. And rest. A whole lot of rest. Sleep is priceless when you are trying to detox and heal the body.

And since I mentioned dates, here is an excerpt from my new book “Orient Expressed”, which explains just why beduins made them their principle food of choice during Ramadan, and why you should as well! I will be posting a couple of more recipes from my book throughout this month, so subscribe to RawRamadan to get them first!

I wish you all a truly blessed and rawsome Month of Fasting! Ramadan Mubarak / Ramazan Mubarek Olson!

Fast, pray, love and go off-line!!!

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