My name is Sana S. Heco. I am a doctor of both allopathic and naturopathic medicine, as well as a raw food chef. My Suhail in both work and life has been to find the truth behind holistic health and aligned existence, and with it serve my own life, as well as the lives of others. In following that guiding star, I encountered various modes and modalities of healing. One such modality was Raw Food diet, which I’ve practiced in various degrees for the past 8 years. It did not take long before I came up with the idea to combine the ultimate mode of body detox, aka fasting, with this potent mode of cellular energy re-charge, and that’s how Raw Ramadan was born.

My intention with this website is to extend that knowledge to you Dear Reader, by introducing an empowering, inspirational, and fun way to fast the month of Ramadan that will lead to a purer, healthier and sounder experience of this blessed month, and even your life and health beyond it.

  1. liang

    Dear Sana S. Heco,

    My friends and i are starting a new health website for Indonesia. We are looking for raw food informations that might be useful during the holy month of Ramadhan.

    We would like to get your permission to translate some of these very useful articles for our readers.

    Thank you for your kind attention.




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