H2O. Two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, and what have we got?
70% of our body, 75% of our muscles, 82% of our blood, 90% of our lungs, 76% of our brain, and 25% of our bones. Even our DNA is surrounded by a shell made up of water molecules, which,  depending on their hydration levels, influence the genetic substance itself.
These statistics are really WOW, but what do they mean for our day to day life?
A simple answer is that we need water to sustain our water. It is our body’s main building block and fuel.  Whenever something goes wrong with the body, whether big or small, cellular dehydration is at the root of it.
So, here are 6 easy guide lines on how to be optimally hydrated:
1. Calculate your personal daily water requirement, or what I refer to as ‘I H2O’, by using this formula:
                                               kg/8 x 0,25
This is your weight in kg divided by 8, multiplied by 0,25 (this stands for 0,25 liters, which is one medium size glass). 
If you weigh 65 kg, this means 65/8 x 0,25=2l per day. 
2. Add between 0,75-1,5 liter to your ‘I H2O’ depending on your work out. More heat, more water. 
3. The amount of coffee, black tea, fizzy drinks consumed during a day, is the amount you need to add to your ‘I H2O’. 
These beverages are diuretics, which means that they drive out water from your body through urine. 
4. Drink water 1h before or 2h after a meal. No water during meals.
Water dilutes your digestive juices, and they need to be concentrated to do the job – break down food, and extract the vital nutrients.
5. Water temperature should match your body temperature – around 36,5 degrees Celsius. Room temperature is also OK. 
Cold water puts unnecessary strain on your already overworked liver. It needs work overtime just to reheat your body to its standard temperature.
6. Add a pinch of unrefined sea salt to every tall glass of water, for salt-water balance.
Slightly salty water is ‘softer’ to drink, believe it or not. 
Try these simple steps and let me know how it goes! Would love to hear from you!
Stay fluid!


Since you are reading this, you are probably among the lucky ones to enjoy the remaining 2% of drinkable water that’s left on planet Earth, straight from the tap or bottled. Yes, this water is disinfected and purified, but its internal structure is nothing like the structure of water swirling lively in the wild river that it hopefully came from, nor the water in living body cells.

What scientists have discovered is that water has both energy and memory. It is actually considered by many to be a living entity which not only understands human emotions and words, but responds to them.

So, in order for your bottled or tap water to be readily absorbed by your thirsty, hard-working cells, it needs to get energized to match the living energy that is inside your body. It needs to be brought back to life.

There are many water filtering systems out there that can do that job beautifully, but this post is about the most accessible and important water filter you have – yourself.

Before I introduce 4 simple steps of how you can put this into practice, let me share some scientific findings, which will help you understand at least some aspects of the metamorphic genius that water is.

It has been proven that water is densest, strongest and at its best carrying capacity moving and swirling in a wild brook or a river, allowed to meander around bends, and kept cool at 4 degrees Celsius by natural overhanging vegetation. This lively moving and swirling helps water organize its structure (self-organizing flow). Water from these type of rivers, as well as water in living cells have unique structures, and clusters of their molecules have organized relationships.

More structure creates more energy.

This gets only better. It has also been shown that water interacts with everything it comes in contact with, not only on physical, but on metaphysical level as well. It literally picks up all energies on its path and memorizes them, and these energies also affect its structure, rendering it more or less alive.

This was demonstrated, among others, by Dr. Masaru Emoto and his team who took samples of water from different sources all over the world ( natural springs, tap water, city rivers etc.), examined them, and photographed them at a temperature of 5C below zero, using a special microscope camera. Clusters of molecules or crystals that these water samples formed were all very different, ranging from highly structured and complex, to those with no structure at all.

They further disovered that these water crystals could be re-organized if directly exposed to music, images, television, thoughts of a single person or a group of people, prayers, words typed or pronounced in different languages etc.
They would change their shape to mirror the energy of the person/object they were in contact with. There was, for example, a significant difference between crystals that listened to Beethoven vs. heavy-metal. Words “angel” and “devil” formed structures that were similar and completely opposite at the same time. Words like love, peace, hope formed the most beautiful and intricate crystal filigree. (For a visual demonstration of these amazing phenomena you can watch a short clip at

So, how can you do this energizing ‘magic’ on your water?
Here is how:

1. Take a short time-out from whatever you are doing. It’s time to drink water! Treat this as a sacred time of ‘raising energy’. Bring your full awareness to the water that’s in front of you. Be present.

2. If the water is in a glass take a wooden spoon or a straw, and stir it in a clockwise fashion for 10-20 seconds or so. If it is in a bottle just stir the bottle. (Swirling motion helps water self-organize, which, if you remember, raises its energy).

3. Hold the glass/bottle with both of your hands and feel gratitude and appreciation for this precious life sustaining fluid. Give thanks for it and to it. Pray on it and pray for it. Send it love. Ask God to work with that water and bring through it whatever you need for your highest good.
(Gratitude, love and prayer have among the highest vibrational frequencies – life buzz that water gets from them is nothing short of super natural).

4. Drink it. Slowly. Swish it gently in your mouth before swallowing. This energizes it even more.

5. (Additional step for extra credit!) You can write words on your glass or bottle, such as peace, love, gratitude, God consciousness, health, hope, joy, or anything that you want to awaken in the water, as well as in yourself.
Since you are 70% water, your own water will also pick up this energy, and respond directly.

Repeat this simple ritual as often as you can, and you will be amazed at the energy shift in your body, your mind and your spirit.

More energy to water!

P.S.If you found this post energizing, please share it with your friends, or simply like it.


Now that we’ve learned how much water we need to drink, how to energize and savor it, we need to figure out how to carry it with us in the safest way.

I have been looking for the optimal water carrier for some time now. After a dozen or so water bottles from all over the world, and a perceptibly thinner wallet, I believe that I have found the one.

It is called ‘CamelBak Water Bottle’ and it is made of stainless steel. It does do not leak any harmful toxins, it is durable, and has an inbuilt water filter. On top of that, it is the signature bottle of a great humanitarian action organized by ‘’ called ‘One bottle’s promise’.

It makes sure that $10 from each sold bottle goes directly to provide clean drinking water for people in need. It is 2 blessings in 1 bottle: portable, great tasting filtered water at all times, and clean water for a fellow human being.

If you cannot get hold of this particular water bottle, I encourage you to become aware of the type of water bottle you are currently using. I really want to make sure you avoid those that have BPA*.

Plastic bottles and items are labeled on their base with a stamp that shows a triangle made of an arrow, with a number in the middle, and some sort of encryption. Here’s the lowdown on each type :

#1 (PET or PETE) plastic is the kind used for bottled water bottles, which are generally regarded as safe.

#2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) and 5 (polypropylene) plastics are generally regarded as safe.

#3 (PVC) and 6 (styrene) plastics pose health risks and should be avoided. (They are not ordinarily used for water bottles, but are used for other food and beverage containers.)

#7 falls under ‘Miscellaneous’. This category basically refers to a variety of plastics (from sunglasses to water bottles) that do not fit into other categories. Most often though it is polycarbonate and contains BPA. If you are in love with a particular #7 bottle, you could call the manufacturer to identify the plastic, but that might not make matters clearer.

If this all makes you dizzy and see double, there is a rule of thumb when it comes to storing food or water – when in doubt, use glass. It is your safest bet.

We carry water in us and with us. Let’s make sure we give it the safest carriers possible.

* A few words about BPA:
Bisphenol-A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastics. Polycarbonate plastic is commonly used to make consumer products. It is commonly found in products such as water bottles, food storage containers, drink cans, toys, baby bottles, dental fillings and sealants, dental devices, medical devices, eyeglass lenses, DVDs and CDs, household electronic and sports equipment.A CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) study found 95% of adult human urine samples and 93% of samples in children had bisphenol A. Potential health risks of BPA are: hormonal and reproductive disorders, male impotence, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, impaired brain function ( memory, learning), decreased quality of women’s eggs, breast cancer, asthma, risk for children’s mental and physical development.

P.S. I just had to put the picture of Matt Damon, who is one of the founders of, and its most ardent and engaged spokesperson. This is mostly for my own inspiration and motivation, but something tells me that it will have the same effect on many of you as well, especially my dear female readers.


Here are 10 reasons why drinking lots of water makes a lot of sense.

Pick the ones that make you really thirsty:

1. Water keeps you young
Did you know that babies are almost entirely made up of water? 90% to be exact. As we grow older we lose the 20% to toxins, which by that time have settled snugly in our body cells. The secret to staying young is in figuring out how to get back the percentage.

2.Water reduces your appetite and love handles
Often when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty.
When we do not drink enough water our metabolism slows down. Conversely, drinking 0,5 l water in one serving not only makes us full, but it also increases fat burning capacity by 30 percent. So, more water, less fat.

3. Water improves your digestion and regularity
Drinking water 30-60 min before meals helps produce enough amount of digestive juices to break down food and absorb vital nutrients. Water, along with fiber, keeps your gut in a great shape, and this key to regular and effortless bowel movements. And as you probably know – there is no forward movement without a bowel movement.

4. Water keeps your head clear and boosts your brain power
Brain is the most water dependent organ. Lose just 1 percent of your body’s water level and expect to get a headache. Stay dehydrated and you might develop migraines . Water relieves and prevents any such aches, helps you think, focus, concentrate and be more alert. It is the ultimate food for thought!

6. Water keeps you feeling and smelling fresh
Your body uses water also to help flush out toxins and waste products through sweat and urine. This keeps these body fluids less concentrated, less odorous, and on top of that, reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s (urinary tract infections). ‘Chanel No. 5’ somehow cannot make the same claim.

7. Water improves your skin complexion
Water moisturizes the skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. Prevents wrinkles. It’s the best anti-aging treatment around!

8. Water keeps you healthy and limber
Drinking plenty of water helps lubricate your muscles and joints, and prevents muscle stiffness, joint and back pain. Water guzzlers not only have it easier to bend themselves into a pretzel, but are also less likely to get infections. This is an unexpected twist.

9. Water safeguards your heart
Speaking of a matter close to the heart…
Studies are showing that drinking a good amount of water could lower your risk of heart attack.

10. Water protects you against cancer
Drinking at least 5 glasses of water daily slashes the risk of the most common cancers: colon cancer by 45%, breast cancer by 79%, and bladder cancer by 50%.

Still thirsty? Check out more information about water’s health restoring potential on and “Water Cure” by Dr. Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

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