Have you ever experienced, or do you associate any of the following physical discomforts with fasting: dizziness, headaches, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, bad breath, constipation, violent thirst and hunger, irritability, or mood swings? What about these: bloating, burping, farting, feeling sluggish, heavy or sugar dazed after breaking the fast?
If you have circled more than three of these, your eating habits are working directly against your body, your fast, and your overall experience of Ramadan.
But there is a way to experience this coming  Ramadan without any self-inflicted suffering.
My practice of  Ramadan fast based on fresh, organic, unprocessed raw foods and juices for the past couple of years has shown me that fasting can indeed be undramatic, miraculously health restoring, and yes, easy. It has also taught me that in order for it to be that way, a timely preparation is indispensable.
It takes our brain 3 weeks to learn, adopt and integrate a new skill or a taste.
All that you know, like and are used to is in is fact the result of your brain’s programming probably since the moment you were born and has kept on for the past 22, 35 or 60 years. (This might come as a shock to some, but ardent love of kebab is a meme, not a gene.)
That’s why the countdown and the transition is starting already now, 5 weeks before Ramadan. It is just enough time for our mind and body to get jiggy with it, learn new skills and tastes, and clean up some of our internal mess.
I call this first phase ” Re-setting” during which we will be focusing on improving our basic physiological functions and skills, such as breathing, drinking water, eating, waste elimination, moving and resting. We will get to test some new, easy and tasty recipes, and gradually go over to a cleaner diet, with the help of good fresh juices and naturopathic cleanses. We will learning about raw food alternatives to sugar, fat, dairy, grains and meat – the idea is to do without these by the time Ramadan arrives, since they don’t work well with any cleanse, especially a serious fast.
By the time Ramadan arrives we shall be ready to face it bravely, and effortlessly tune into the high frequency of the second phase which I call “Deep Holistic Cleanse”. To help you stay the course throughout the entire month, I will be sharing tips and instructions on optimal hydration and raw food regime for  Iftar and Sehoor, as well as food for thought and spirit.
My hope is that by the time we reach the finish line we will be re-awakened and feeling better than ever, sensitized and prepared for any challenge that our life may bring!
  1. Hira

    Dear Sana, I heard about you from a mutual friend- I was wondering if you see patients abroad in the US? I was amazed by your philosophy and would love to have a consultation with you, if possible! Thank you! -Hira


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